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In-Game Currency (APB $)

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2018 11:17AM PST
How do you earn APB$?

There are 2 ways to earn APB$.
1)      Criminals - Ram Raids, Stealing Cars, Mugging and Participating in a Mission
          Enforcer – Witnessing, returning stolen goods/Car and Participating in a Mission
2)      Open world cash

         a) Criminals can earn this by Ram Raids, Stealing Cars and Mugging and exchange it with Money Laundry for APB$
         b) Enforcers can earn this by Witnessing, returning stolen goods/Car and you can exchange it with Evidence Vault for APB$
Players are given an open world cash pool that is separate from their actual money.
If players want to turn their open world cash into actual cash they need to go to a specific point on the map. For Enforcers this is labeled “Evidence Vault” and for Criminals this is labeled “Money Laundry”.
Players also have a cash multiplier that will increase the amount of cash they will get when the go to their open world money drop-off. This is shown in the red, next to the cash amount. The higher the players heat is the higher this multiplier will be. Once they drop open-world cash off their heat level will be reset to 0.

What can you use APB $ on?

You can purchase any (Non-Armas Marketplace) items either from contacts or from the in-game Marketplace.


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